All our feet treatments are unique. It is an alternative to a regular wet pedicure or SPA as most people call it...
Our procedures are suitable for everyone young and old including people with compromised immune systems and those with diabetic.

Some people have circulatory problems so we do not use any scrub, which can potentially dehydrate the skin and worsen the problem.

Literarily we do not use any water. Instead we use special treatment techniques that make it possible to carry out dry pedicure procedures on maximum high level with minimum time at the same time you can relax and have pleasure. 

Prices depends how you make your booking:- 

1.Green prices are discounted prices if you book online

2.Red Prices are for telephone made bookings to pay in the shop

 ~ within 30 min. | £26 (online) - 
£30 ( offline)       

Suitable for people who value their time and money but who want to look and feel perfect
(Polish of your choice).


~Within 40 min. |  £36 (online) - £40 (offline)

Hard dry skin removal bringing new health skin to the surface, followed by intensive moisturising cream and polish of your choice. suitable for both men and women.

Luxury Pedicure

Monday- thursday

- Within 45 min I £31 (online) - £40 (offline)


~ within 30 min. | £40  - £45
Hard skin, cracked or sore heels, problems with toenails, corns.

(No Polish)

~  within 60 min. | £60 -

We will do everything possible that would solve your problems. Common conditions such as in growing toenails, corns, calluses, fungal infection and cracked heels will be treated.For other foot conditions such as verrucae a course of treatment may be required and advise will be given.Your toenails are cut and shaped. But we will not forget about the beauty

(Polish of your choice)


within 60 min. I  £80 - £85

Luxury Medical Pedicure treatment a perfect foot treatment which includes the indulgence of a foot massage, hard skin removal, cracked heels, nourishing foot mask and gives your feet a perfect overhaul treatment and long lasting results. Advise will be given with all aspects of foot health.

(Polish not included)

~ within 45 min. | £50 - 
In addition to a full feet and toenails treatment you will get a pleasure of hand Massage as a plus followed by a deep conditioning treatment with heated booties to soften and revitalize your feet.
(Polish of your choice)


~ within 75 min. | £80 - £85

Ultimate attention from knee to toe. Your feet are treated in details to begin this treatment. Nails are filed and shaped and cuticles treated. Calves and feet are then refined and stimulated with a specialized paraffin mask while calluses and rough skin are addressed. Massage and moisturizing follows, leading to polished perfection and nail protection.


~ within 45 min. | £45 - £50
Artistic pedicure is perfect for a chip-free, extend wear, high-gloss shine.Express pedicure plus gel applying

~ within 15 min. | £21 - 
This treatment will allow you to get rid of the cracking skin on your heels

~ within 20 min. | £13 - 
Unforgettable experience and impressive result

~ from 10 min. | from £6 (Telephone & shop booking Only)
 LCN Wilde-Pedicure is an exceptional UV gel designed specifically for correction misshapen ,damaged or even missing toe nails. It is a great way of ensuring beautiful feet, regardless of the condition of your nails.

Luxuriant foot hard skin & cracked heels reconditioning Treatment             45 min  £75 - £80

This skin-deep luxuriant foot hard skin and cracked heels reconditioning treatment includes a combination of hard skin removal, cracked heels treatment,warm Paraffin wax and foot massage.A unique combination of foot treatment method and ingredients will repair your foot skin into best shape deeply restoring vitality and elasticity. All the pampering effort will be on reconditioning your foot hard and cracked heels and restore it into best possible condition.For other foot conditions such as verrucae a course of treatment may be required and advise will be given.