~ within 25 min.|
  Suitable for regular maintenance of your hands in perfect order.
(cutting Cuticle & Polish of your choice)


Delight Manicure (not polish) /50 min/ £45 / Delight Gel Manicure (gel polish) /65 min/ £53
Includes everything you'd expect (cutting and shaping nails,cutting cuticles,
Plus an additional:
- exfoliation scrub that removes lifeless layers, quickly re-polishes unwanted calluses away, 
-cream-mask collagen, prevents aging, activate cellular metabolism, deep hydration, restore elasticity,
-paraffin mask, restore softness, radiance and velvety surface layer of the epidermis, provide active nourishment, hydration 
and protection of the skin from the effects of negative environmental factors.
-cream for hands, nails and cuticles, the formula of the cream provides a nourishing effect for the skin, firming effect for the nails, moisturizes it, soothes and improves color, thanks to such components as glycerin, aloe vera extract and chamomile extract, grape oil and wheat germ.


~ within 35min | £40
Full treatment including use of diamond caps to remove the hard skin if required.
A treatment manicure which analyses and treats each nail for its specific nail type. After a soak, the nail is shaped to match the natural nail shape. Cuticles are cared for with intensive moisturizing oil and nails are buffed for a smooth look. A nourishing, nutrient moisturizing cream is applied to scrub away dull looking skin followed by a relaxing massage for the perfect finish
(Polish of your choice)


~ within 45 min. |  £45

Pure indulgence for the hands, this treatment will leave you with beautiful nails and soft, smooth hands. A deep conditioning treatment with heated mitts will soften and revitalize your skin.
(Polish of your choice)


~ within 60 min. |  £65

This comprehensive hand and nail treatment is the ultimate in attention to detail. Your hands are cleansed and prepared for a multi-acid peel to combat the signs of sun damage and ageing. Nails are filed and shaped and cuticles treated. Hands and arms are then refined and exfoliated with a specialized paraffin mask. Massage and moisturizing follows, leading to polished perfection and nail protection.

~ within 40 min. |
Is perfect, chip-free, extended wear, high-gloss shine. It requires no drying time.A hybrid of nail polish and gel, it is applied like a polish but wears like gel.


~ within 20 min. | £20

Unforgettable experience and impressive result.

~15 min. |


~15 min. |  £15

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