The Pedicure Plus Ltd has sister Companies in Tanzania in various sectors:

*Tanzablocks Plus, Manufacturer of building materials.

We are a new generation and innovative in the building materials industry that provides high-quality products and reliable service to both customers and the communities we work in. We aim to serve the needs of our customers and create value for our stakeholders by becoming the most efficient and innovative building materials company. Tanzablocks Plus is dedicated to helping Build Tanzania by manufacturing,supplying and distributing new vast range of building materials and services across Dar es salaam and Pwani region which includes Bagamoyo.

Tanzablocks Plus offers you a top quality service when it comes to the supply of blocks, pavers, cement, bulk bags,sands and other aggregates. Our staff work hard to ensure that our customers’ needs are always met and it is for that reason that we have built up a reputation for fantastic customer service. We supply a huge variety of blocks, paving blocks, sand and aggregates, so whether you are looking for building materials or simply require some bark or sand for a play pit, Tanzablocks Plus should always be your first port of call for paving blocks, concrete blocks, wall panels, supply of cement, building sand, garden soil and aggregates. We cover Mbezi beach, Masaki, Bunju, Boko, Tegeta, Kariakoo, Kigamboni and across Dar es salaam and Bagamoyo.


Tanzaplus minerals is an entrepreneurial venture in Tin ore mining, processing, smelting and mineral ore trading. We are young, innovative company determined to elevate the Tanzanian base metals industry by pursuing a business strategy aimed at producing a positive impact on the local communities we interact with, while implementing environmentally sustainable solutions in all aspects of our operations.Our business development strategy evolves around a core principle of continually empowering small-scale miners with education, technology and unique solutions that increase their production output, enhance safety in their operations. 

Our processing and smelting plant is fully equipped with modern machines and technology in ore and metal processing. The facility is strategically adjacent to the mining sites, with easy access to the main road to Bukoba and all major road connection  towards Kampala, Kigali and Dar-es-Salaam.

The facility is equipped with state of the art Tin ore processing equipment that will separate the mineral ores concentrates and prepare them for smelting at our facility and produce Tin ingots with 99.9% pure. Local and international legal buyer are welcome to buy our products from our facility in Kyerwa.

Tanzaplus Minerals we are number one Tin ore dealer and Tin ingots manufacturer in Tanzania. We buy Tin ore in Tanzania with any Tin content percentage from any broker with Legal documentation under Mining Regulation 2010.

For high quality Tin ingots, Tin ore processing,Tin ore smelting,Tin ore Trading and Tin ore mining partneship in Tanzania please contact us. We are the solution in any Tin ore in Tanzania For :

- Tin ingots for Sale in Tanzania: Ready product for local use or export from our facility in Kyerwa or Dar es salaam

- Tin ore processing in Tanzania : we can buy the Tin ore from any registered Tin ore broker in Tanzania and we can process and smelt

- Tin ore smelting in Tanzania :Capacity to produce 30 tons per month 

- Tin ore Trading in Tanzania : We can buy any volume of Tin ore from any registered tin ore Broker in Tanzania

- Business Partnership in Tanzania :We can partner with individual, group, International companies for tin ore mining  partnership in Tanzania

-Trade Contract Manufacturing Partnership to produce solder wire,solder bars and other alloys 


1.Electroplating & Solderling

2.Reparing Copper pots

3.Making conductive magnets

4. Corrosion protection

5. Food preservation

Please contact us on : 


Whatsapp: +255 753753978